Electric privacy glass

The leading provider of electric privacy glass that changes window tint From clear to opaque Instantly. Ideal for exterior windows and interior glass. It uses electro-chromatic technology . About 1 of these are decorative films.

Dit kan zowel voor privacy zorgen als voor verduistering wanneer nodig.

Smart glass or switchable glass is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are. Customized to the needs of the facility, these non- electric privacy glass panels are manually operated while still providing a frosted look similar to . Switchable smart glass clear and opaque on demand by click a button. Window Film, Electrochromic Film, Intelligent Film and. Electric privacy glass changes from clear to translucent instantly, with the flip of a switch. Smart Glass and Smart Glass film, such as those from Glass Apps, are . Clear glass solutions are suppliers of switchable privacy glass in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

PRIVA-LITE is a privacy glass – often known as smart glass , intelligent glass or switchable glass – which is ideal for providing opaque glass on demand.

Translucent glass instantly turns transparent with the application of . Oasis switchable privacy glass uses state-of-the-art liquid crystal technology to change from clear glass to frosted glass with the flip of a switch. Projected smart glass global revenues of $4. Guardian Reveal switchable transitions the glass from transparent clarity to serene privacy in a single click.

Thermosash and Woods Glass have sought a relationship with the provider. Eclipse electric glass is the fast growing brand of electric privacy glass in the UK, for high specification and cost effectiveness. Metro GlassTech can supply a range of specialised products that effectively.

Aside from making your private business very public, leaving windows . Using the best quality LCD film in the UK, capable of . Electronic glass enables privacy with the touch of a button. Previously privacy glass was frosted or otherwise manipulated to prevent others from seeing in. Privacy and Shade at the flip of a switch! Photo: Electrochromic glass changes color under electric.

Best of all, it remains that way until you choose to change it. Buy low price, high quality switchable privacy glass film with worldwide shipping on AliExpress. Residential and commercial applications.

At the flick of an electrical switch, our switchable glass becomes transparent.

Glass will enhance the look and feel of any room, without detracting from the decor of the room itself.