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DIY flower pot ideas that will help you to put more fantastic floral displays around your home. Browse through this huge gallery of the best . Whether you want to decorate your terracotta flower pots or . Pots are great and all, but these reimagined finds are definite . Want to get creative with flower pots ? Here are creative DIY planters that you can try as your next craft project.

Replacing the boring terracotta pots with some interesting DIY pots will make your garden be wonderful. There is no need to buy from stores, . We think these DIY cement planters turned out so sweet! DIY Flower Pot Hack Save Money FREE. Check out this DIY project craft with newspaper to make bio. These space saving DIY Stacked Pot Ideas are perfect for any kind of space.

Is we are at the DIY category we should say from the start that this is. DIY Network has instructions on how to use peel-and-stick letters to create messages on planters and flower pots.

Use it to say something witty or endearing to . In the bottom of each pot place a small piece of terra cotta over the drain hole to prevent gravel from spilling out. Add a few inches of gravel. Instead of throwing them, you can . Feel like your flowers or houseplants are looking a little “blah”? Jazz them up with some fabulous DIY flower pots and planters. If you love gardening as much as I do, I promise that you are going to adore these DIY garden pots.

An you really need to check out these 25 . With these biodegradable pots made from newspaper, you can go from seed to seedling and straight to planting in the garden with no . These concrete pots look great both indoors and outdoors! You can change the paint colour depending on your style, or just leave them as . Maybe you have a bunch of terracotta pots piling up in the yard. Either way, these quick.

Spring is rapidly coming our way! Marbled: The best thing about this DIY marbling technique is getting your hands dirty. Sheet metal pots (Ikea or Ace Hardware) be sure that this is unfinished galvanized sheet metal or the Zinc Solution will not react with the metal.

Together we will lead the way to a simpler, healthier life. Pinch the ball into a pot by making a small indent with your thumb (this will become the center of the pot ) and turning the clay as you pinch with your thumb and .

The most important part of this DIY is having a masonry drill bit. Add natural beauty to your yard with a DIY garden fountain. One of the simplest water features you can make is a pot fountain, like this one.

Give your succulent (or any other plant) a wonderful, magical even, home in a DIY unicorn planter. This adorable little plant pot is super easy to make, and is .